Fotos © Cyril Ruoso

The Association

The Association "Save the Drill / Rettet den Drill e.V." -- a project that helps both animals and humans.

PANDRILLUS works in Nigeria and in Cameroon as a non-profit company.

The "Pandrillus Foundation" in the United States has the same status.
The former Drill keeper at Hannover Zoo, Roland Wolf, developed the idea to preserve the drills in Africa in the late 1980s.
He got in touch with Liza Gadsby and Peter Jenkins, who had just previously began their first project for Pandrillus by founding the Drill Ranch in Calabar, Nigeria.
After that, Roland Wolf took an unprecedented private initiative, and the campaign, "Save the drill", was born.
With this he was able to support the work of the two Americans in Nigeria, both financially and materially.

To do justice to the growing claims of this work, the Association "Save the Drill " was co-founded in 2004 at their headquarters in Nordhorn, Germany.

The goal of this Association is the promotion and preservation of drills in their natural environment. The Association supports the essential components of the protection of animals, nature and environment on different levels.

The support of the Pandrillus projects in Calabar and the Afi-mountains-sanctuary in Nigeria is an important part of that.

To reach our goals we rely on many people who want to support our work and become members of our Association.

Save the Drills with us!